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    Ideally bracelets need to be worn slightly loose around the wrist so that they swing round when worn showing the pretty beads off to maximum effect.  As a general guide;

    Dress size          Bracelet size

    8-10                    7.0” 18cm

    10-12                  7.5” 19cm

    14-16                  8.0” 20.5cm

    16+                      8.5” 21.5cm

    Bridal Necklaces - Wedding dresses and evening wear tend to have lower necklines and are often strapless so you will probably either need to wear a pendant design or a longer length necklace than usual. Ideally the bottom of the necklace or point where the pendant joins the necklace should be approximately a third to half way from the base of your neck to the top of your dress/outfit neckline. 

    Julieann jewellery – The design of these necklaces usually governs their length and we therefore have a variety of styles offering a selection of sizes in each colour range. The standard necklace length of our jewellery is 18” or 20” which in our experience suits the majority of customers. 

    This is a personal preference! Some customers prefer studs, others shorter dangly styles that hang just below the ear lobe whilst some people like longer more dramatic styles. It is entirely up to you!

    Clip ons – Not everyone has pierced ears. Most of our designs, except for the larger ones, can be converted to clip on ear fixings. If you would prefer this option please select this option where available. There is no extra charge for this service.

    Posts – The majority of our designs are on ear wires/hooks. However, if you would prefer posts with butterfly fasteners on the back please select this option on the product page. There is no extra charge for this service.

    Heads do not generally vary a lot in size. Our comfortable headbands can be gently manipulated to give the correct fit. We offer two sizes adult and child.

    Julieann tiaras are famous for being comfortable and easy to wear. Unlike many suppliers who use cast or rigid tiaras ours are hand made and soft wired offering total flexibility to ensure a personal fit.

    Without looking in a mirror simply put the tiara on your head. All heads are asymmetrical so go for comfort. For most people this is in an alice band style/position over the top of the head from ear to ear (don’t worry about how it looks or how you think it should look!). Now looking in a mirror, use a couple of fingers placed flat behind the soft wires to simply pull them forward or push back to create your desired look. With or without a veil, you can adjust later in the day for a different look. Maybe get someone to help you?

    Have fun and have a wonderful Wedding Day. Don’t forget to send us a photo - we'd love to put you on our gallery!

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